The one and only (unfinished) issue

March 27, 2014

Dear old subscribers,

We, theshinystar (Zoe) and Ms.Brigitte (Brigitte), the owners and remaining editors of BON APPÉTIT are back after 5 years. Seems to be such a long time, but Zoe’s comeback to the site brought up old memories and it felt like we didn’t even leave. We brought up old memories, including our magazine – we though, damn! This supposed to be such a good idea, a food magazine – something that has never been created on Stardoll before. We cannot remember exactly why we had to interrupt the work… maybe because of the lack of ideas, maybe the huge amount of time it should have taken to create the graphics, maybe the need of more people in our team. We could never complete it, but we thought we should release the remaining little parts – just for fun.

It was long awaiten – we would like to show you now the conception of the one and only issue that has never been released unfortunately.


Brigitte speaks now:

I thought I couldn’t show you the graphics themselves only, because they would say… almost nothing without their article. I’d like to comment on every idea I found in the very hidden folders of my computer. Let’s start.

Every magazine has a cover. We were used to that they included models or MeDolls, but we didn’t follow the standards. It was a food magazine, right? We had to come up with something new. Something unusual.


Are you ready to see it?


Are you sure?


Damn, I’m laughing so hard. This cover is INSANE.


Let me introduce you…





YES, we invented the COVERFOOD.

And it’s a poorly drawn jacket potato. Her Majesty the Jacket Potato. What was I thinking, really?


As you can see, we only had 2 articles ready at the time. Lack of ideas. Yeah. I had saved lots of food anyway, we could have brought something out of this:



access4 accessories2


Another conception was “Kitchen of the month” for which we would choose awesome user-made kitchens and interview the owners about their taste. Here you can see a screenshot of the first kitchen created by cltreanor. But that’s it. No interview was made yet.




Then there’s a FINISHED article about the flourishing trend of take-away coffee, but without a graphic. I know I HAD an idea for the pic but I just couldn’t find a nice street-background for the stylish doll holding a cup.




Interesting how this “trend” has faded away since then. I don’t even drink coffee anymore, haha.

Next up – a food magazine wouldn’t be complete without any recipes. It was an october issue, just in time for Halloween, so we found a cute little cake recipe. It was edited by Applead (Tyler) who has left the site since then and the doll has a new owner who made it famous for it’s hair designs (when I realized this I almost fell off my chair, really). Now it’s not Halloween season, but you can save this recipe for later if you’d like.

“In this article we will be showing you how to make ‘Dead fairy cakes’ for halloween.

– 1 or 2 cups of flour depending on the size (ask your mother for help )
– 2 eggs
– a drop of water
– orange, red, green or black food colouring
– sugar (any amount you want, but food colouring also contains some!)
– 1 mixing bowl
– 4 little bowls
– 1 baking tray
– some butter, if you want to
– paper cupcake holders (these will not set fire in your oven)

Note: you won’t need all the food colouring, just some to give the halloween looking style.

– Take the mixing bowl, and add the flour and the eggs. Mix them. Then, add the other ingredients and mix the paste with your hands or a wooden spoon. If it’s not wet enough, add a little bit more water.
– Divide the paste in 4 equal parts, put every part in 1-1 bowl, and add 1-1 colouring to them. Mix the mixture very well again.
– Then, get the baking tray and lay out the cupcake holders. Put the pastes into them, but HALF WAY ONLY! (It’s very important. If you fill up the whole holder, the paste will rise too much in the oven.)
– Bake them for 25-30 minutes at 210 ∞C (410 ∞F)
– Then leave them cool down at the fridge or something cool place for 5-10 minutes.

Voila, done! If you want, you can decorate them.
Don’t forget to give some to the little monsters and children knocking at your door! 😉
Bon appetit!”


Did you spot the “Ask your mother for help”? HAHAHAHA sooo cute!


We’ve come to the only finished article. Okay, it’s not even an article, it’s a STORY. Which was written by me. It’s about a man, Ed, who is addicted to spaghetti and goes to the same restaurant every day to eat some. One day, the waitress tells him that they ran out of pasta – and the horror begins.

Damn, seems to be so stupid now with all its cliches and horribly bad composition. I must admit I haven’t written any stories since then. It’s just not for me. I don’t force you to read it because even I couldn’t read it through without hitting my forehead in my table.


spag-part1 spag-part2



Oh wait what… “Model: John2_el_mejor”? What does that hide?

Okay, this is THE BEST.




I chose him to be Ed. That’s it. The pic speaks for itself. (John, if you see this, don’t kill me please haha)

(It’s 1:26 am ATM but I’m craving for some pasta. NOT milanese but some tortellini filled with spinach and ricotta. With cheese sauce.)


Alright, let’s continue with this treasure. The story inspired me so deeply that I tried to write something once again, but this was supposed to be a report-like thingy. Y’all know, 2009 was such a popular year for Twilight, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity of mixing it up with our food related craziness.

“Top Gossip: Twilight hits the vegetable world

Everyone knows Twilight. It became the most popular movie and book series. But there’s a new gossip everywhere: it hits the vegetable world, too!
Recently the paparazzis took some photos of a new couple: Carrot Cullen, and his girlfriend, Pea Swan.”

That’s it. This could have been HILARIOUS when finished. I have no idea now how I wanted to continue it. Nevermind. I’ll let it to your own imagination.


Aaaaaaaand we’ve come to the very last idea. In my other magazine, Goddess, I included some song lyrics in each issue, so I decided to feature a song in Bon Appétit as well. (Don’t ask me why. It also seems to be a stupid idea now – OK somehow I had to make the issue longer back then HAH)  But this song makes an exception because it’s about food. I used to love Weird Al Yankovich and his lyrics of EAT IT – a parody of ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson – were just an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I won’t paste the lyrics now but here’s the link of the video, worth watching, it’s awesome!


I guess – that’s all I wanted to share. I hope you liked this snippet of our dissolved little project.

Thanks for staying with us for 5 years. We love you all.


B & Z



September 3, 2009